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Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas Around a Paver Patio in the Oswego, IL Area

An Oswego, IL Area paver patio should have both pretty and practical outdoor lighting to accommodate all your outdoor activities. From the convenience of technology to the attractive appearance, adding unique outdoor lighting plans to your patio area and backyard can extend your enjoyment well into the night. Here are some lighting ideas to consider.

Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas Around a Paver Patio in the Oswego, IL Area

Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

Wall-mounted light fixtures are a permanent addition to your patio space. They are attached to the walls of the patio areas, typically the house exterior walls, and can shine light up onto the house and down onto the patio.

You can choose the size and style of the fixtures to match your house and landscape aesthetic while increasing the lighting of the space. Wall-mounted fixtures can be a great choice since they not only increase visibility but add a decorative element to your patio area.

Brighter Flood Lights

You might want to have brighter and broader lighting by adding new floodlights. They can shine on the lawn to illuminate games your kids want to play while offering more light over a larger space. Most flood lights are mounted on the corner of the house or garage but you can add them to other places, too.

Planter Lighting

From the springtime until the fall, you likely have planters overflowing with abundant blooms and bold green leaves. Having lighting directed toward the planters can illuminate these vibrant beauties in the darkness. You might also want to have small up-lights placed in the planters to draw out the wispy ferns and other plants that add so much beauty to your patio.

Landscape Beds

The landscape beds should certainly have up-lights to illuminate your shrubs and their mounded flowers. Many landscape beds near the patio are positioned along the house, too, so adding focused lights to the house exterior and foundation can create that magical look you want.

Don’t forget to illuminate the steps to the patio with lighting beneath the step treads and along the edges of the steps for better visibility and security.

Walkway Lighting

Recessed light fixtures that fit flush to the ground can illuminate walkways, creating inviting paths through the backyard. You can also add lights to the plants that are part of the landscape design along the walkways.

Fence Lighting

If you feel hesitant to stay outside in the darkness even with patio lighting, consider adding lights to the fence so you can see the boundary and feel secure.

Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting

The current landscape lighting has so many features to recommend it. One of the primary benefits can be the ability to control the lighting right from your phone whenever you wish. While landscape lighting can be on an automatic timer, you always have the opportunity to adjust it manually to increase or dim the illumination.

Another benefit of LED landscape lighting is the illumination it can bring to your landscape without driving up the electric bill. The light fixtures are long-lasting and weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about the rain or snow ruining your lighting plan.

With the energy efficiency you want and the technology you love, outdoor lighting for the patio and backyard can be part of what you love about being outdoors.

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