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Illuminate Your Naperville, IL Landscape Design With These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

As the long summer nights approach, having outdoor lighting in your Naperville, IL landscape design can make staying outdoors longer an easy choice. The right lighting can increase the visual appeal of your property after the sun sets and give you the freedom to entertain long after dark. These ideas can spur your imagination for what can be true in your own outdoor spaces.

Illuminate Your Naperville, IL Landscape Design With These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Front Yard Lighting

Illuminating the front yard can catch the eyes of people driving by, ensuring that your home and property have that curb appeal after dark that you want. You most likely have seen other homes with attractive landscape lighting that can make the house numbers visible and the front entry more accessible in the dark night.

A landscape professional could recommend starting with the front yard illumination. By adding spotlights to the tree bases, you can enjoy the textural interest of the tree bark. You might also opt for diffused lighting in the tree leaves and branches for an ethereal glow there. Lighting that finds its way to the ground can have an appearance like moonlight on the grass.

Illuminating the landscape beds is not essential but can certainly increase the beauty of your front yard landscape, particularly when there are planting combinations that make you happy.

Other areas that can benefit from illumination can be the driveway entrance, the driveway, and the front walkway. You can choose to have fixtures at the front of the driveway that designate where to turn from the main road and you can continue them along the driveway for increased visibility.

Illuminating the walkway can be smart since your guests will need somewhere lighted to traverse once they park. With discreet light fixtures or decorative selections that add to the landscape aesthetic, you can offer a safe surface that is easy to navigate to the front door.

The ideal welcoming space can be a well-lit front entry and steps. When you want your friends and family to feel an especially warm welcome, having the proper illumination for the steps, landing, and front door can be the solution.

A landscape professional could suggest that you add spotlights to the front columns and railing to highlight the entry. You might also like the idea of adding a spotlight to the front door to bring that into focus. Strip lights beneath the entry steps can make ascending and descending comfortable and safe.

Backyard Lighting

While illuminating the front yard can be a high priority, the backyard is where you likely spend most of your outdoor time. This can make the patio lighting important for both increased beauty and functionality.

Overhead patio lighting can shine down on the surface for brighter visibility but be sure to add dimmable capabilities when you want a moodier atmosphere. Peripheral lighting around the patio base can make the surface clear and let you move to and from the yard with ease.

When you continue the illumination of the trees, this can blend the front and backyard into a seamless lighting aesthetic. You might also prefer having the fence illuminated to increase the secure feeling you need after dark. Lighting along the property border can let you relax as the kids play in the yard after dark, too.

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