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Enjoy Your Landscaping Investment Into the Evening With Outdoor Lighting in the Naperville, IL, Area

Outdoor lighting can be one of the most transformative features you can add to your Naperville, IL, area landscaping. You can stay outside longer when your property has strategic illumination, and the nighttime lighting can make your front yard and backyard look magical.

Enjoy Your Landscaping Investment Into the Evening With Outdoor Lighting in the Naperville, IL, Area

Adding landscape lighting to outdoor living spaces can make these areas both more functional and enticing. When you work with landscape professionals, there can be specific lighting that enhances your unique spaces best.

Front Yard Illumination

We have all driven by an illuminated front yard after dark and noticed the lighted pillars of the porch and the highlighted trees in the yard. A landscape contractor can accomplish this and more for your front yard.

As you arrive home, having lighting at the driveway entrance can increase the safety and visibility of your property. You are less likely to have an accident when the way into the front property is illuminated.

Your landscape contractor can add lighting to the front landscape beds for the trees and to the bed perimeter so that you can see your lovely landscape design. Illuminating the driveway can look like discreet light fixtures nestled in the adjoining landscape beds. This way, you notice the illumination and not the fixtures, unless your preference is for decorative lighting fixtures.

If you prefer to have more definition for your property entrance, consider having your landscapers add a gorgeous stone retaining wall to each side which can direct your guests into your front yard. Another excellent option can be to have them design and build stone pillars with decorative iron fencing between the pillars. Adding a landscape feature like this can give your front landscape a visual boundary with increased textural interest.

Walkway Lighting

Walkway lighting can also be a critical feature of a dark landscape. After parking and getting out of the car, your guests can be greeted with an illuminated stone walkway surface that affords comfortable movement to the front entry.

Highlighting Textures

Anywhere in your backyard, your landscape contractor can add spotlights to the tree trunks. The placement of lights at various distances can enhance the appearance of the bark and illuminate low branches. This can look especially lovely with established trees.

Backyard Illumination

A landscaper knows that the backyard can be your refuge, the space where you relax and entertain. Adding lighting to the patio area can look like light fixtures in the surrounding landscape beds to cast a gentle glow over the surface.

You might also consider adding a gable roof or pergola over this space to keep the heat and rain from ruining your plans. While having a vertical structure in the landscape design can increase the visual beauty, it can also afford a place to add dimmable overhead lighting to set the atmosphere you want.

Backyard Walkways

Whether you need to take the trash to the cans or the kids want to play outside on a lovely evening, having walkway lighting can make your backyard space safer and more functional. You can rest easy when you know they can see where they are running and playing since the trees and walkways can have adequate lighting that extends to the surrounding spaces, too.


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