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Turn Dark to Spectacular With These Outdoor Lighting Ideas in Plainfield and Geneva, IL

Outdoor lighting can turn your dark Plainfield and Geneva, IL, landscape into a gorgeous nighttime vision. These outdoor lighting ideas can illuminate the features of your property for beauty in the darkness.

Turn Dark to Spectacular With These Outdoor Lighting Ideas in Plainfield and Geneva, IL

Front Yard

When your front yard is illuminated, it is easier for guests to locate your home from the street. Your landscapers can start with adding lighting to the entrance of the driveway. This can be an ideal place to have pillars with a curved retaining wall that creates a clear entrance to the front of your home.

They can install custom light fixtures to the top of the pillars for a soft glow that says, “Welcome!” to your friends and family who come to visit. Landscape lighting at the front of the driveway can also increase the safety of merging onto the road and turning off, too.

Illuminating the driveway and walkway is another way to give more clarity to your front yard space when you enter and exit the car. Your landscapers can install discreet outdoor light fixtures that cast a glow on the surfaces of the driveway and walkway. Because they are hidden by the adjoining landscaping, all you will see is a pretty glow.

A landscaper can add lighting to the base of your trees to emphasize the texture and nooks of the tree bark. As the lights shine up the trunk, they will cast a wide light on the bottom branches for an eye-catching nighttime appearance.

This is also the time to shine a light on any of your favorite outdoor spots. Some deserving elements to consider are water features, stone walls, and porch columns. Any area that you love can come to life after dark with the right lighting.

Backyard Lighting

For the backyard, you’ll want to consider how you spend your time at night and the view you may want to see back there when you are inside. Perhaps it’s time upgraded sconces that will cast more direct light onto the patio. Nestled light fixtures in the nearby landscape beds could further add illumination for your patio, while giving you an opportunity to actually finish up work when you’re outside or simply relax and enjoy the stars.

Adding lighting to the backyard walkways is helpful because it makes moving about the backyard so much easier and safer. You won’t have to stumble to the trashcan in the dark anymore when your landscapers replace those dark areas with strategically placed lighting. This is the time to identify and eliminate those dark corners that can make you feel uncomfortable.

Illuminating the trees in the same way as the front yard can create unity from the front landscape to the backyard for a pleasing effect. Outdoor lighting added to the perimeter of the landscape beds can make for a pretty nighttime look.

You might want to add soft wash lighting to your fence to illuminate the boundaries of the yard. This can be especially helpful when you have children who want to stay and play outside after the sun goes down.

Adding lighting to your landscape can bring to the forefront outdoor features that might not stand out in the daylight. It also increases the safety with which you can move around in the dark and makes going outside more comfortable. Once you introduce professionally installed outdoor lighting to your evening landscape, you might wonder how you ever lived without it.


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