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Landscaping Ideas: It’s Not Too Late to Start Planning a Landscape Design for This Year in Geneva

When you look at your Geneva, IL, landscaping, does it inspire you or does it feel lacking? It’s not too late to plan a landscape design for your property that wows every time you step outside.

Landscaping Ideas: It’s Not Too Late to Start Planning a Landscape Design for This Year

What Does Landscape Design Entail?

Landscape design generally involves two main components. Together, these pieces can form a gorgeous whole that incorporates both beauty and functionality.

Hardscapes: The hardscapes generally refer to the nonliving parts of the landscape design that will allow you to use your outdoor space as you wish. This includes patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fire features, pools, shade structures, and any other element that would make your landscape more useful and enjoyable.

Softscapes: Softscapes refer to the living additions that soften the hardscapes and add color. Trees, shrubs, flowers, ground cover, grass, and any living plants comprise the softscapes that soften the appearance and add living beauty.

Landscape Design Ideas: Your landscapers can start a backyard design with a new, expanded patio. Some existing patios aren’t large enough for adequate entertaining or even grilling. The new size can depend on how you plan to make most of your patio.

Your landscape professionals can help you choose stone or pavers to complement the exterior architecture of your home. Natural stone or patio pavers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes for a fully customized laying pattern and border options for the patio.

Water feature: At one end of your patio could be the perfect location of a waterfall with oversize landscape stone and a pretty, small pool of water. This water feature could be crafted of the same type of materials as a nearby retaining wall, on which you can perch and truly enjoy the soothing water sounds.

Add some lily pads and watergrass into the water feature and watch them sway with the moving water. Surrounding the water feature with ornamental grass and an evergreen screen could add desired privacy, and then your patio and its surrounding features can provide a full sensory experience.

Plantings: Along the edges of your patio or other areas of your landscape could be a line of perennial flowers that return year after year for greenery and color. The plants and trees can soften the “hard” appearance of the patio with their vibrant green foliage.

Native shrubs can yield blooms and keep their leaves year-round to add interest. Landscape boulders and various-sized stones among the landscape beds could create an attractive contrast between the living plants and the visual weight of the stone. Mixing textures in this way can create a dazzling effect.

Landscape lighting: A delightful final touch to the backyard design can be what happens after dark—consider including landscape lighting in your landscape design, for your patio, waterfall, and nearby landscape beds. As the sun begins to set, your backyard will illuminate with a soft glow that makes the entire space feel special at night. This not only looks eye-catching but the landscape lighting also allows you to enjoy time on your patio long into the late hours.

Landscape design experts will listen to your dream of a spacious, functional backyard and create a design that fulfills your outdoor needs and suits your daily life. From the front yard to the backyard, they can design outdoor spaces for you that are amazing and beautiful.


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