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How to Choose the Right Paver Patio Design for Your Backyard in Oswego and Sugar Grove, IL

Choosing the right paver patio design for your Oswego and Sugar Grove, IL, backyard can feel daunting at first until you receive expert guidance and ideas. Here are some tips to help you decide which pavers will give you the type of outdoor space you want.

How to Choose the Right Paver Patio Design For Your Backyard

Traditional Paver Patios

When your home style is traditional, the paver you choose could highlight the best features of your home. Brick and slate are a lovely combination that can work well with a classic home.

Landscapers could start with a slate-tone patio surface. Slate has a natural blue-gray appearance that contrasts well with the brick. This slate paver can be placed in a combination of rectangular and square pavers for a geometric, unified look.

Accent the patio with a brick retaining wall that is taller on one end for added privacy. By topping the brick retaining wall with a flat stone cap, you will have additional space for seating larger groups and spreading out snacks and drinks.

Another detail that can make your traditional patio function well can be to add levels to the design. A patio that has two different levels can create functional spaces that are clear. The level closest to the back door can be designated for comfortable outdoor furniture and relaxation.

Transitioning between the two levels can be wide, deep steps that make moving between the two spaces safe and easy. The second space can be home to an outdoor kitchen and a dining set for al fresco meals.

Many times a homeowner chooses to add contrasting pavers or brick as a border to add more distinction between patio spaces.

Modern Paver Patios

Along with the paver choice for a modern patio, your landscapers might make use of clean, geometric shapes for the pavers and the patio design. Contemporary spaces often reflect clean lines and simple, elevated materials choices.

The pavers can blend with the aesthetic of your yard and home by choosing a monochromatic appearance. This can form a backdrop for a steel trellis with steel cable wire on one side to provide privacy with growing vines and blooming florals.

An outdoor fireplace can set the ambiance and provide warmth on chilly nights. When you situate two couches and a table for holding glasses and other items, this can become the perfect place to end a busy day.

Complete the perfect modern paver patio with a nature-inspired landscape design that adds beauty to the entire outdoor living space but keeps the modern patio at the forefront of the view.

Any paver patio can be dressed up with a central design of multi-color pavers. Your landscapers can help you find the right pattern and central feature to customize the paver patio. They can even incorporate your monogram or family moniker.

Another amazing way to create a distinct paver patio design can be to use pavers of different colors and sizes for multiple bands. Not only can this add some drama and interest to the edges of your paver patio, but it also helps to identify the functional spaces within it.

A paver patio adds visual appeal to your backyard and gives you a space to enjoy the natural surroundings. When you create a unique paver patio with your landscaper, there is no end to the time you can spend outdoors.


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