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5 Ideas for a Commercial Landscaping Project in the Naperville and Oswego, IL Areas

All eyes are on your commercial landscaping in the Naperville and Oswego, IL, areas. Be sure you are giving visitors, tenants, and employees something delightful to admire as they drive by or spend time in your outdoor spaces. Here are some landscaping ideas for improving the view, whether it’s time to bring in new plantings or construct a new hardscape structure, such as a seating area or walkway.

Start with the Entry

When your outer landscape beds are pristine and your commercial sign is clearly visible, these details can let potential and current customers know that you value what they see and implies that you take care of all aspects of your property and business.

When your landscape service keeps the shrubbery trimmed with colorful seasonal flowers flanking the edges of the landscape beds, for example, this can reflect well on the businesses within. They can ensure that the outdoor lighting on the signage and the pavement at the entry are in good working order.

Pay Attention to Walkways

Consider having your landscapers add island planting beds in the parking lot for visual relief and beauty among an expanse of pavement. If you’re trying to establish your property as more contemporary, then modern paver walkways can give your long established property a fresh appearance and set clear routes from one aspect of your property to the other.

Opt for a Green Space

Some commercial facilities are placing a priority on making green spaces within the landscape more functional and welcoming. As employees become accustomed again to working away from home, such spaces can provide a break from the office walls and a place to relax. Your landscapers can assess the available space to recommend the ideal position for a green space area.

Working with your commercial landscape service to incorporate some covered areas to protect people from the weather as well as benches situated to take advantage of the sun or the shade, this outdoor space can become a haven.

Focus on the Exteriors

A beautiful, well-planned commercial facility can often have noteworthy architectural details such as expansive glass windows or interesting nooks and crannies. Your landscaping team can plan for plantings that draw the eye to those features. Symmetry can be an excellent way to attract people toward the landscape. Symmetrical ornamental trees can work well to entice visitors and tenants to look carefully at an architectural detail while the shape of a grassy space can also play a role in directing the eye.

Add a Special Feature

Consider elevating the landscape with a soothing water feature. Your commercial landscape could include a pond or a water fountain in a space where passersby can stop and admire the water and enjoy the delightful sounds of it spilling gently into the catch basin below. A gazing pond can reflect the natural beauty that surrounds the space—the clouds above, the tree branches bending over, and rays of the sun.

A water fountain can bring movement and whimsy to the landscape with its unique design and overflowing water. Water always adds a wonderful sensory element to the landscape and can be just what your commercial space needs to complete a harmonious design.


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