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Complete Your Outdoor Living Space With Strategic Outdoor Lighting in Naperville & Plainfield, IL

One of the most transformative changes you can make to your Naperville and Plainfield, IL, areas property can be adding a strategic outdoor lighting plan. From a patio to an outdoor fireplace, illuminating these living spaces can let you enjoy them longer in the day. Soon after your landscape contractor creates this lighting plan, the landscape will be perfectly lit and ready to enjoy in the evening hours.

Complete Your Outdoor Living Space With a Strategic Outdoor Lighting Plan in the Naperville and Plainfield, IL, Areas

Patio Lighting Designs

Illuminating a patio can make your most-used outdoor space where you start your day and finish it, too. You can opt to have lights recessed into or along the patio for soft illumination over the patio pavers.

Discreet light fixtures can fit neatly in the surrounding landscape beds to add more light to your patio. New light fixtures beside the backdoors can create a cozy glow while task lighting can be brighter and more focused. These are often overhead lights that are shining down on a specific space so you can see clearly to play games or to set out snacks and drinks.

Don’t forget that patio steps can benefit from illumination. Your landscape contractor can add recessed lights to the risers and lights on the underside of the tread so you and your guests can see to go up and down.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Lighting Designs

Whether you want to have an outdoor cocktail party on a late summer evening or you are running late for the Friday night family pizza meal, having lighting in the outdoor kitchen and dining areas means you can still enjoy time outdoors after the sun sets.

A landscape company can place lights beneath the countertop edges so the glow is focused on the floor while overhead lights can be dimmable so you can see to cook, serve food, and make drinks. Installing dimmable lighting can allow you to change the atmosphere once the food is devoured and the mess is clear.

Outdoor dining can add more ambiance to your eating beneath the stars. You can opt for brighter spotlights on the posts that support the roof over the outdoor kitchen and lights on the exposed beams can be dimmable so you can keep them bright to cook and serve but dim them when you are ready to relax and visit with friends.

Also consider: Outdoor dining illumination can be fun like chandeliers and it can be functional. You may want to have ample lighting to set up a buffet or intimate dinner while also having the capability to dim the lighting for actual dining.

Outdoor Fireplace Lighting

While the fire will surely produce the most amazing ambiance and gentle glow, you likely will want more lighting to see for other reasons. When you want to watch the outdoor TV, you don’t want to squint through the dark so having dimmable lighting here can prove important.

A landscape contractor can add lights that recess into the floor and lighting beneath the edge of the retaining wall. If your outdoor fire area has a roof, overhead lights can be helpful there. Some homeowners like to add fixtures above the fireplace mantle so they can have targeted lights when needed.

Because landscape professionals handle outdoor lighting on a regular basis, they can assess your outdoor living spaces to recommend the perfect illumination plan.

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