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Shade, Style, & Serenity: Benefits of a Pergola in Landscaping in Naperville, IL

When your Naperville, IL outdoor space needs some shade but you want a feature with perfect style, a pergola can meet all the requirements! Shade, style, and serenity are what a pergola brings to an outdoor living feature. Consider all the benefits of adding a pergola to a patio, fire feature, or garden area.

Shade, Style, & Serenity: Benefits of a Pergola in Landscaping in Naperville, IL

Pergola Styles

While most pergolas you have likely seen have slatted beams over the top for dappled light below, you can also choose a pergola with a roof to offer complete shade to the area beneath.

Traditional Pergolas

A traditional pergola has sturdy wood posts that attach to the patio or other hardscape surface. Over the pergola top are wood beams in a custom size and width of your choice. They can be plain or have decorative edges that add more visual interest to the structure.

A pergola can be free-standing or attached to the garage or house. The versatility of a traditional pergola can be an unmatched benefit to your landscape design.

An Urban Pergola

When you have a contemporary house style, you might want a pergola with some metal accents to echo the urban look you love. You can opt for steel posts and cross bars with wood beams above for a custom modern aesthetic. The combination of metal and wood can lend an upscale look to your outdoor space along with the increased comfort of a shady spot to relax beneath.

A Pergola with a Roof

Contemporary and traditional home styles can have a custom wood pergola with a metal roof to add full shade. Other roof options can be a slatted roof that you can open or close depending on your preference and a wood roof that blocks all the sun while the sides remain open for the breezes.

One of the primary benefits of having a roof is that it gives you a place to add ceiling fans and lighting if you wish.

In-Line Pergolas

An in-line pergola is a shorter version of a traditional pergola which can be quite large in some landscapes. This pergola can be ideal to frame a dazzling view of a lake or mountain, particularly when positioned at the patio edge where it meets the steps. Think of this pergola as an ornamental picture frame for your landscape.

Eyebrow Pergolas

An eyebrow pergola can be placed above a garage door or on a garden shed to add a decorative element that also offers some shade. It attaches directly to the structure so you can add a climbing vine or another blooming plant to have your pergola as a custom planting spot. The blooms spilling over the edges can be simply breathtaking.

Pergola Materials

Every pergola material is rot-resistant and decay-proof. The red cedar is bug-proof and emits a pleasing cedar smell with the pretty look of the cedar wood. A pine pergola is built of kiln-dried wood that resists insect damage and decay. A third wood option is rough-cut red cedar that can deliver the most natural appearance that blends with its surroundings perfectly.

You can choose vinyl for the longest-lasting material that never needs paint but only a quick wash when the vinyl has some dirt and spots from the weather.

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