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Latest Trends in Paver Patio Design: What's Trending for Backyards in Plainfield & Naperville, IL

Patio pavers can be a focal point of your Plainfield and Naperville, IL Areas backyard landscape design or set the stage for other features that add beauty and function. If you love to follow landscape design trends, then these ideas can spur your imagination for the right paver pattern in a new patio. Here are some designs that are currently hitting all the right notes.

The Latest Trends in Paver Patio Design: What's Trending for Backyards in the Plainfield and Naperville, IL Areas

Sustainable Pavers

Sustainable landscape designs of smooth stones to replace mulch and less grass are growing in popularity and patio pavers that help with drainage are part of the trend. You might not know that patio pavers can help with standing puddles on the patio surface and improve the flow of stormwater through your outdoor space.

Sustainable pavers can also be called permeable pavers since they allow water to seep through the tiny cracks of the connections. There the water can return to the soil at a slower pace while it won’t be sitting on the patio surface to cause problems when you have plans to use this outdoor living space.

Sustainable pavers look like non-permeable pavers with the same color, size, and textural choices so no one knows they are part of your drainage strategy but you.

Expanded Paver Patios

More people are spending their free time in the backyard on the patio and this has led to expanded patio areas that hold more than just outdoor furniture. Moving from a concrete pad or a small patio to an expansive custom outdoor space can transform the way you use your backyard.

Sometimes there are areas that can be incorporated into a new paver patio design that you never would have thought to make part of the space. This can offer areas for other features that can enhance your patio.

Fire Features

Positioning a fire pit or outdoor fireplace at one end of the patio can create a spot that entices guests with a warm fire and soft light. You can opt for a fire feature area to be part of the overall patio area or a space all its own.

Water Features

Water fountains nestled in the nearby landscape beds, a water wall that adds drama to your patio area, and water spouts that pour out of a lion’s mouth mounted on the wall can blend the soothing sounds of spilling water with your new area. Spilling water has been shown to lower stress and increase feelings of peace, giving your new patio a wonderful atmosphere.

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you love to cook breakfast for your crew or let everyone make homemade pizza, adding an outdoor kitchen can be where you most love to cook. Dining outside beneath the stars with the soft breeze can be the perfect spot for any meal.

Augmented with Technology

Technology is another trend many homeowners want in their new patio spaces. From speakers that play music from your personalized playlists to an outdoor TV where you can watch the big game, technology is an integral part of outdoor living spaces.

From landscape lighting that you can adjust from an app to changing light colors for festive occasions, you can choose the lighting type and colors for a Mexican fiesta night or add to the Christmas cheer with red and green lights.

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