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New Landscape Design This Year? Start the Process With These Ideas for a Paver Patio in Geneva, IL

A paver patio can add so much enjoyment and beauty to Geneva, IL Area outdoor living spaces, and the new year could be the perfect time to plan a fresh patio design. If you have been thinking about upgrading to a paver patio, these plans can help you land on a design that suits your style and purpose. See what concepts are coming in the next year!

Grid Patterns in Patio Pavers

When you love symmetry and order, consider how a grid paver pattern can fit into your landscape. Grid-type laying patterns in patios can delight your desire for an outdoor living space that has its own eye-catching appeal.

If you prefer a paver patio with a strong visual appearance, the grid pattern could be right for you. There are several ways a landscape contractor can execute this look, but a popular method can be to lay rectangular pavers in an oversized square and outline it with traditional brick pavers.

When they repeat this pattern throughout the patio surface, the squares and rectangles can echo strong geometric shapes that appeal to you. The overall effect can look curated and orderly, ready for whatever activities you have planned.

Cobblestone and Circles

When your home aesthetic and landscape spaces lean toward cottage-style designs or traditional architecture, cobblestone pavers can fit right into the design. The uneven texture of the cobblestones can keep a space from feeling too formal or modern.

A landscape contractor can mix cobblestone pavers with small square pavers for a timeless choice, a pairing that will never outlive its appeal. When these pavers are in the same color tone, your paver patio will take on a monochromatic look.

If you like the idea of the colors working together to create a uniform whole, consider having them incorporate circular swirls in the cobblestone laying design for some understated interest.

Clean and Modern

A modern paver patio can be pale-toned rectangular pavers with almost no mortar space between stones. This can create a surface that is unbroken by segments of pavers and looks almost like the entire patio is one huge stone.

Placing the patio away from the house can allow you to incorporate the same pavers in stepping stone placements as a walkway from the backdoor to the patio. This can make your modern patio feel like a destination within the backyard.

Features to Add to Any Patio

Upgrade any paver patio design with another outdoor living feature like a water fountain or a fire feature. The water introduces one sensory sound feature while the fire brings another sensory addition of warmth to your outdoor space.

A water fountain can be nestled into the smallest paver patio space and expanded to deliver a bigger punch to an expansive paver patio. The benefit of adding water can be the soothing sound it adds to an outdoor area. Studies show that water can lower anxiety and stress levels just by listening to the gentle spill.

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can introduce a soft light and the appeal of warmth to your new patio. People naturally gravitate toward a fire, so adding a fire feature can elevate the atmosphere and compel you to go outside more often.

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