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Tips for Making Your Paver Patio the Focal Point of Your Naperville, IL, Landscape Design

Including a paver patio in your landscape design can be like adding another living room to your Naperville, IL, home’s square footage. When you make this outdoor space a focal feature, it can entice you to spend more time outside in the lovely weather.

Tips for Making Your Paver Patio the Focal Point of Your Naperville, IL, Landscape Design

Set a Proper Patio Foundation

Starting your paver patio with the right shape for your landscape can be an essential first step. Sometimes the terrain of your landscape can dictate the patio size and shape, while other properties can accommodate any type of paver patio size. Your landscape professionals can help you decide the particulars of the foundation.

When you have your landscape contractors construct this feature out of patio pavers, you can rest assured the patio space will look elegant and attractive for many years. Quality patio pavers are durable in freeze/thaw cycles and can be made to remain colorfast despite the hot summer sun. Their vast array of shapes and sizes, along with custom textural surfaces, can let you select any design or pattern that complements your home style and personal preferences.

Remember that a paver patio doesn’t have to be one level. Many homeowners love the idea of a multi-level outdoor space where each function is clearly defined. The multi-level paver patio can be joined with deep and wide stone steps for comfortable movement. One level can be comfortable outdoor furniture with a fire feature while the other level could be designated for al fresco dining.

To separate outdoor spaces, landscape professionals can make great use of retaining walls that add a cozy intimacy and increased privacy to your patio area.

Add a Special Feature

When your landscapers incorporate a focal feature, your eye can be naturally drawn to the lovely visual and sensory addition. When you include a fire feature with your paver patio, such as a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, the warmth and ambiance can be unmatched.

Everyone naturally gravitates to fire and this outdoor feature can give your paver patio an elegance that never fades. Having fire that sits front and center on your patio can change the dynamic there, while positioning a fire feature at one end can make it feel more like a destination.

Adding a water feature like a trio of fountains nestled in the adjoining landscape beds can add the soothing sounds of spilling water. Perhaps you might prefer a water spout that pours out of a copper spigot or a gazing pond. Depending on the space you have, your landscape professionals can recommend the perfect water feature to sooth and calm your spirit.

Finish With Landscape Lighting

Once your paver patio design is clear, you could complete the look and effect of the paver patio with properly installed landscape lighting. With an outdoor space as amazing as this, you know the activities won’t only take place in the daytime. Think about how lovely it would be to relax and catch up with good friends in the evening there, or maybe enjoying a late dinner on the weekend.

Landscape lighting allows for such versatility and more since you can use your paver patio anytime the mood strikes. Light the fire, prop up your feet, and chill after a long week. With dimmable lighting features, illuminating this outdoor space can take it to the next level.


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