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How a Paver Patio Can Upgrade Your Backyard & Give You More Reasons to Go Outside in Plainfield, IL

As the warm weather compels you to spend more time outside, perhaps your thoughts are turning to how to improve your backyard. A new paver patio for your Plainfield, IL, home could make this area of your landscape more enticing. Here are some ways a landscape upgrade can transform your outdoor living experiences.

Paver Patio Can Upgrade Your Backyard & Give You More Reasons to Go Outside in Plainfield, IL

Achieve a New Look

As you work with a landscape team to plan a new patio area, it can also be the perfect time to change the shape and size of your outdoor space. Many homeowners recognize this is when to give serious thought to the amount of space they want for relaxing and entertaining outside.

Another consideration is the materials that will be used. Manufactured to look like natural stone, patio pavers offer style durability and will endure through many, many seasons. You get the chance to help create a custom-made patio that suits your unique space.

Patio pavers come in an array of sizes, textural surfaces, and color tones for you to complement your current exterior home colors or to plan a design that stands out from the rest of the landscape. Your landscape professionals can incorporate details such as decorative banding, unique laying patterns, and repeated patterns to make your patio a show piece.

This can also be the time to consider a tiered patio if your backyard has a slope or for when you want each part of the patio to have a clearly defined function. Connected by wide and deep stone steps, any patio can have two or more levels. This effect can result in the type of outdoor space that wows every time you and your visitors step outside.

Add Some Privacy

If your neighbors are closer than you would like, and more privacy is in order, a retaining wall could help you feel more comfortable about whose space is whose. Such a wall could encompass your new patio space for added privacy.

This retaining wall could lead to an outdoor fireplace or a massive waterfall spilling out of a stone lion’s mouth. The point is that this wall won’t be a large, unattractive space but could be a draw and focal feature for your patio. In this way you will achieve a lovely outdoor feature.

Part of the retaining wall could include flat coping, for your guests to sit down or to place their drinks and appetizers.

Remember Shade

Having a shade structure like a pergola or pavilion can make your outdoor living space more comfortable on the sunniest of days.

A pergola, for example, can feature sturdy wood posts that anchor into the patio as well as open beams to let dappled sun shine through its roof. A pergola is considered a lovely vertical addition to an outdoor space.

For full shade, a complete roof as you would achieve with a pavilion would offer complete space and room for ceiling fans and special lighting. This full roof can keep the weather from ruining your plans and make your new patio the best “room” at your house.


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