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4 Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Paver Patio Use in the Plainfield, IL Area

Using your new Plainfield, IL, area paver patio can be amazing but when you add special outdoor living features that increase the ambiance and enjoyment, you can spend more time there doing what you love. These landscaping ideas can make your patio more functional and enhance its appearance, too. Here are some ways to elevate your paver patio design.

4 Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Paver Patio Use

Carefully Choosing Patio Pavers

The way the paver patio looks can affect how inviting it looks and the amount of time you want to spend there, so choosing pavers that you will like to admire for a long time is an important step to a patio design. You could focus on a style of pavers that suits the aesthetic of your home. Whether your house style is modern and you love the look of sleek, monochromatic pavers that continue the urban vibe or the house is a wonderful cottage that needs some cobblestone pavers, you can select the pavers that make this foundational feature stand out.

A slight change in the laying pattern can differentiate the look of the surface to designate a new function. You can also choose to have contrasting pavers create a band around a certain part of the patio that feels almost like a rug for an outdoor dining space. You will be amazed at all the ways patio pavers can function to make the surface look exactly like you envision.

Including a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls might be one of the most versatile outdoor features since they can be used to define an area of the patio, create a clear boundary along a driveway, and offer you additional areas to plant your favorite flowers.

Within a paver patio design, you can choose a retaining wall to encircle the entire patio or part of the space. Retaining walls can increase the functionality of your patio since their low height and flat top surface can be perfect for casual seating when you entertain large groups. The wall can also increase the privacy of your patio while defining a specific part.

A Fire Feature

A fire feature would surely increase your inclination to head out to the patio for some mental refreshment. Whether you choose a fire pit that blends with an informal patio aesthetic or a majestic outdoor fireplace that is meant to become the landscape's focal point, you won’t regret bringing this warmth and gentle light to your outdoor space.

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can burn wood or be gas-powered, and you can choose which suits your needs best. Knowing you can spend time by the fire on a lovely evening can be what you look forward to at the end of a busy week.

Considering Landscape Lighting

When your neighbors are heading inside once the sun sets, you can remain outdoors on your custom paver patio long after the sun goes down with landscape lighting. Illuminating the patio, fire area, walkways, and backyard can create a magical space that extends your time outside.

Lighting the trees and boundary fence along with your outdoor living spaces can be the final touch to a perfect new space for entertaining and unwinding.

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