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Time for a Change? Ideas for a Fresh New Look With a Paver Patio in Naperville and Oswego, IL

It’s often during the long winter months that homeowners spend some time taking stock of their Oswego and Naperville, IL, landscape and consider possible improvements. If you’ve decided some changes are in store, here are some ideas for a fresh new paver patio.

Time for a Change? Ideas for a Fresh New Look With a Paver Patio in Naperville and Oswego, IL

Paver Patio Benefits

The myriad benefits of a patio can mean that this investment pays off in terms of enjoyment and relaxation levels. So many homeowners are using their patio space as a true outdoor room that the patio in effect becomes part of the square footage of the home.

A patio can become your own outdoor space to work from home, relax at the end of the day, or enjoy a family breakfast outside on a Saturday morning. This outdoor area also increases the amount of entertaining space you have for parties and holidays.

A patio can let you designate specific parts of the space for certain functions such as outdoor dining, listening to the nearby water fountain, and chatting by the fire pit with a good friend.

Fresh Paver Patio Ideas

Circular patio: Working with your landscape contractor to design a circular patio can offer some contrast to the angular edges of your house. This style of patio can work well in a traditional landscape or add more charm to a cottage-style home.

Circular patios open up creative possibilities as you could incorporate a contrasting border in a smaller and different colored paver than the field pavers. A water fountain in the center of the circle could serve as a striking focal point for the patio space.

Curving patio: A curving patio can create a whimsy feel, as skilled landscape professionals can follow the natural curve and path of your property to give this patio an organic shape.

While the edges are curved, an amazing juxtaposition could occur when you choose a contrasting paver color to form squares within the context of the entire patio. A design of this nature can call attention to the differing shapes that can be found in your paver patio.

Square or rectangular patio: If a traditional geometric shape suits your landscape style and size preference, your landscape contractor can make this look special with custom patio laying patterns of varied paver sizes.

One advantage of this patio design can be that adding a fire feature or water feature to an adjoining part of the patio can keep the space connected while ensuring the feature has its own distinct place in your landscape.

A retaining wall: It’s not just about controlling erosion—a retaining wall can have many uses, including adding more privacy and a secluded feeling to your patio. A retaining wall can complement any shape and size outdoor patio space for additional seating and serving space.

You can plan for pillars to grace the entrance of the patio from the grassy space. The addition of pillars can signal the movement from the planted softscape to the permanent hardscape. Pillars are also an ideal spot to add lovely lanterns to emit a gentle light.

The new patios can serve so many functions for outdoor activities and relaxation. With mix-and-match custom details and true craftsmanship in the execution, your patio can become the centerpiece of your backyard.


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