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Lawn Care Near Me & Outdoor Lighting Can Bring a Lawn From Dull to Dazzling in Oswego, IL

When you finally found reputable professional lawn care near me in Oswego, IL, you don’t want to enjoy your thriving lawn just in the daytime. Adding outdoor lighting can bring your refreshed space to the forefront after the sun sets. This is a duo of services you don’t want to miss.

Lawn Care Near Me & Outdoor Lighting Can Bring a Lawn From Dull to Dazzling in Oswego, IL

Lawn Care Packages

If you, like many homeowners, want a lawn and landscape that looks pristine throughout the year but your life is busy or that is not how you want to use your free time, perhaps it is time to seek out professional lawn care. With a variety of lawn care packages, you can choose what works for you and eliminate the hassle of weekly lawn tasks.

Standard Lawn Care Package: A standard lawn care package has particular services that you might need on a regular basis but you can always request one-time services when you need them. A lawn care team arrives bi-weekly to mow the lawn with equipment that is in well-maintained condition. They will also remove weeds from landscape beds, prune stray growth from shrubs, and provide spring and fall clean-ups by removing debris and leaves from the grass.

Complete Package: The complete package includes all the standard services plus mulch replacement for fresh landscape beds. They also bring three planted pots of seasonal flowers to add a pop of color to your outdoor spaces.

Customized Package: This package includes all of the above services along with any special landscape and lawn tasks you want the team to complete. You can create a package with any combination of services that bring out the best in your lawn and landscape.

Landscape Lighting to Light the Night

Once your lawn is thriving with bold, green growth and the flowers are blooming throughout the property, having landscape lighting can bring the best of the beautiful space to the forefront even when the sun has set.

Front Yard Illumination: Illuminating the front yard can look like spotlights on the landscape beds at the property entry and gentle lighting shining on the driveway surface to welcome your guests with an attractive space. This lighting can also make the house number visible so they can easily locate your home.

Adding lights to the trees in the front yard can emphasize the textural interest of the bark and make the leaves glow. Illumination for the front walkway can make parking the car and exiting the vehicle comfortable for your guests while lighting that shines upward onto the foundation and windows of your house can create a visual delight in the dark space.

Backyard Illumination: Lighting the patio with illumination around the perimeter and light fixtures that shine from above can extend the time you can stay outside, particularly on a lovely evening. Be sure to add lighting to the steps of the patio so people can go up and down safely.

Your outdoor lighting can maintain a uniform look when you add the same lights to the backyard trees. Lights that shine up onto the fencing that encloses the backyard can make this visible at night to increase the safety you feel there. Since outdoor lighting is automatic, you don’t have to lift a finger for your landscape to come alight after dark.

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