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Outdoor Lighting for Every Occasion: Tips and Tricks for Each Season in Naperville & Plainfield, IL

When you like to change up the outdoor lighting in your Naperville and Plainfield, IL Area landscape, the latest lighting technology can let you create some memorable looks. From the start of the year to the end, you can make additions and adjustments to the outdoor lighting to reflect each season. Here are some tips and tricks to spur your imagination.

Outdoor Lighting for Every Occasion: Tips and Tricks for Each Season in Naperville & Plainfield, IL

Springtime Landscape Lighting

Spring is a time of renewal and your excitement about getting back outside can be reflected in the lighting choices of your landscape. Many outdoor lighting technologies allow you to change the light colors so you might want to change the lighting to a soft pink or another pastel color to indicate the springtime floral colors of the landscape.

As the plants, trees, and shrubs come back to life with vibrant green leaves and small flowers, another color to illuminate your outdoor spaces can be green. This can shine on the landscape beds and trees to create a fresh look in a season of renewal.

Summertime Landscape Lighting

The summertime can be when you spend the most time outdoors so your landscape lighting can reflect the fun and entertainment opportunities you have planned. If you are planning a Mexican fiesta night where your guests dine outside, you can change the lighting to fun, bold colors that add to the celebratory feel of the night. Maybe add some sombreros to your serving table and Aztec-style throws to the outdoor furniture.

Summertime can be the ideal time to add oversized orbs to the landscape beds for a unique look. This can be a great way to spruce up the landscape before a cocktail party where your guests will mingle outdoors as well as inside.

Fall Landscape Lighting

Fall lighting can show harvest-tone colors and you can add some lighting to your outdoor planters for a warm glow on the fall plantings. You might like to add lanterns to your outdoor living spaces for a warm, gentle light on a lovely fall evening.

You might like to have specialty lighting for the foundation of your house. This can be separate from regular landscape lighting in that you can change the colors to a golden yellow while the rest of the property remains a gentle white light.

Another area where fun, changeable outdoor lighting can be wonderful is the property entry. Added illuminated lanterns and orbs along with colored lighting can alert your guests as they arrive to what is ahead for them.

Winter Landscape Lighting

Of course, you will want to have the option for festive seasonal lights in the months leading up to Christmas. Adding colored lights to your house is a task your landscape professional can handle. They might recommend adding some colored lights to your planters, too.

If you want special lighting for the fence that borders the front yard, they can add some festive options there. Since outdoor lighting is one of their specialties, they can recommend several amazing lighting options for your landscape so you can entertain and celebrate the holidays with an amazing light display.

Landscape lighting can be one of the most influential features that change throughout the year, reflecting your mood and style perfectly.

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