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Create a Lasting Impression With Commercial Landscaping Services in Naperville and Plainfield, IL

With warm weather on the way, it might be time to give some thought to commercial landscaping services for your Naperville and Plainfield, IL space. The appearance of a commercial property can be an important factor in returning customers and bustling businesses. A pristine commercial landscape can be a calling card that makes you proud for people to see. Here are some reasons to create a lasting impression with professional services.

Create a Lasting Impression With Commercial Landscaping Services in Naperville and Plainfield, IL

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Enlisting commercial grounds maintenance can be a great way to ensure your commercial spaces look fresh and inviting all year round. Since spring is right around the corner, lawn care can be a crucial service for your outdoor areas.

Lawn services should include regular mowing with sharp blades to ensure a clean cut on the grass. Dull mower blades can leave jagged edges that let pests and diseases find a home in the grass, killing the roots and leaving brown sections that mar the appealing look of your lawns.

You should also plan for fertilizer, weed and pest preventives, and all the essential services that boost the health of your grass. Lush, healthy grass is something that people take note of when they visit so don’t underestimate the power of a healthy lawn.

Fall Leaf Removal and Landscape Clean-Up

When the leaves fall in the autumn months, leaving them on the ground can create an unsightly mess and kill the grass that you had a lawn care service nurture all spring and summer. Leaf removal can protect your grass from molds and fungi that can develop beneath the heavy leaf mat, causing costly problems that can take months to resolve.

A full landscape clean-up can be instrumental in preparing your lawns and other outdoor spaces for the harsh winter weather. While leaf removal is important, you will also want a commercial landscape service to remove debris from the parking areas and walkways. A clean landscape can set your property up for the best outcome once the snow and ice melt.

Paver Cleaning and Restoration

Over time, the walkways and other hardscapes can develop cracks, crumbling edges, and stains that make them look less than attractive. A landscape service can handle these issues for you, too.

Maintaining clean hardscape areas can show your customers that you care about the surroundings. This philosophy can inform your business dealings, too, making your company stand out from the rest.

While paver cleaning and restoration are important for aesthetic reasons, damaged hardscape surfaces can present issues that cause accidents and falls. Ensuring the walkways, parking areas, and entries are well-kept can reduce the liability and likelihood of injuries.

Plant Bed Mulch

Mulch in the plant beds might seem insignificant but this detail can show your customers that you care about details. Freshly mulched beds also protect the shrubs and plants from drying out by holding in moisture.

Clean landscape bed edges and new mulch can spruce up the appearance of your outdoor spaces, giving your landscape a lush, healthy look.

Along with mulch distribution, a commercial landscape company can trim the shrubs and inspect the trees for good health. This comprehensive approach to landscape care can let you focus on more important daily business and attend to customers.

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