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Give Your Customers Something to Talk About With Beautiful Commercial Landscaping in Sugar Grove, IL

When you want to set a distinct tone for your Sugar Grove, IL Area customers, the first place to start can be the landscape design. Not only can this create a great first impression, but it is also generally true that people return to well-manicured commercial spaces to dine, shop, and work. See how attractive, well-kept commercial spaces can increase traffic and improve the environment for employees.

Give Your Customers Something to Talk About With Beautiful Commercial Landscaping in the Sugar Grove, IL Area

An Inviting Entry

The entrance to a commercial space can tell a customer a lot about what they will find inside. When the front spaces are groomed and the shrubbery is trimmed and healthy, this can be an indication that the rest of the space will follow suit.

The entrance aesthetic includes a well-lit sign that offers plenty of visibility from a distance so customers have ample time to slow down and turn in. Commercial landscape teams can pay attention to the curbs to ensure they are continuous and not crumbling, presenting the wrong impression that details don’t matter.

Another way to impress your visitors is to have driveway pavers in a distinctive pattern at the property entry. Even if the rest of the driving surface is concrete or asphalt, this initial space should pack a visual punch.

Walkways and Green Spaces

You likely already know that the best commercial spaces have wide walkways that are comfortable enough that people are not crowded or rushed. Visitors should be able to walk side by side without running into the oncoming people.

Fresh, manicured green spaces can bring a sense of calm and relief from the hustle and bustle of many commercial spaces so these areas need the attention of expert landscape maintenance. Mowing, trimming, and blowing in the spring, summer, and fall are essential but a commercial landscape company should be able to install seasonal flowers and keep them fertilized for a long bloom time.

Another feature of many commercial spaces is covered areas where employees can work and eat lunch outdoors. The roof offers protection from the direct sun and rain, giving people a place to recharge outside without getting too hot or wet. Healthy grass is a way to incorporate green areas that can improve the mood and outlook of employees and customers.

Frequent benches and oversize planted pots can give customers a place to sit and rest as they make their way through the area.

Relaxing Water Features

A huge, splashing fountain in a central area can be fun for the kids and give visitors a spot to sit and enjoy the sounds of falling water. Studies show that spilling water can be a tremendously effective stress reliever, allowing people to take a moment from the bustle of a commercial space and all the activity that usually accompanies large, commercial areas.

Adding landscape boulders with spilling water intermittently in landscape beds can bring a continuously relaxing appeal to your commercial area. Combined with attractive plantings and fresh mulch, these areas can make a great impression on your customers.

Landscape Lighting

A commercial landscaping team can ensure the dark corners of the buildings are illuminated for security reasons. They can inspect the landscape lighting and replace any units that are not working so the entire property has proper illumination for beauty and safety.

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