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Book Your Seasonal Cleanup with a Commercial Landscaping Company in Plainfield & Naperville, IL

Before the really cold weather arrives, you may want to book a fall cleanup for your Plainfield and Naperville, IL, areas commercial space. Ensuring your commercial property is clear of leaves and debris, and looking refreshed can save your company in terms of time and money. Here are some great reasons to schedule a fall cleanup as part of your commercial landscaping services.

Book Your Seasonal Cleanup with a Commercial Landscaping Company in Plainfield & Naperville, IL

Lawn Care and Leaf Removal

The lawn often plays a crucial part of the overall landscape’s beauty, and there are certain tasks that can boost the health of and prepare the grass for springtime growth. Along with leaf removal, these lawn care tasks can be what you need to have a thriving lawn next spring and summer.

A commercial property lawn, like all lawns, needs fertilizer and aeration in the fall to break up the soil and allow new grass to grow. A commercial lawn care company can aerate the soil to leave small holes where water, sun, and fertilizer can reach the existing grass’s roots, and the new seed can germinate.

All living things need fertilizer for food. While it would be amazing if the soil provided all the nutrients your lawn needs to be healthy, that is not the case, and fertilizer is a remedy for this lack. An application of fertilizer can allow the grass to store food before the freezing winter weather so that it is ready to take off when the warm spring temperatures arrive.

Leaf removal before the ice and snow moves in can be another crucial fall task. This can require more than a one-time leaf removal since they don’t all fall at once. When leaves sit on the grass during the winter, this can create an ideal environment for mold and fungus to grow. When the snow melts, you can see entire patches of dead grass where the leaves have stayed and fungus has taken over.

Plant Bed Mulch

Over time, the mulch can break down and leave your landscape beds without enough protection for the roots. As winter approaches, you want a thick layer of mulch to protect them from ice and snow damage.

A commercial landscape company can apply the proper mulch layer so that your plants and shrubs survive the winter weather and leaf out in the spring. This can protect the plants and minimize the risk that replacements would be needed.

Paver Cleaning and Restoration

Removing stains and dirt from the hardscape pavers can be another task for a commercial landscape crew to perform. They can clean the surfaces so the branches and leaves won’t cause permanent problems with the appearance of your outdoor spaces.

This can be the time to discuss with them the cracks and missing edges that can occur over time in concrete walkways and parking areas. A commercial landscape company can replace these spaces with walkway pavers in unique designs and styles for an attractive, durable surface.

They can also create a new surface for the parking areas to remove potholes and deliver a refreshed surface that will last for years.

When your commercial property is properly cleaned in the fall before winter weather, you can have the assurance that you won’t see hardscape damage and dead grass patches due to mold or fungus.


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