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A Look at Services Included in Commercial Landscaping in the Plainfield, IL, Area

Commercial landscaping for a Plainfield, IL, area property keeps outdoor spaces looking pristine while ensuring they continue to be both functional and beautiful. Maintenance and upkeep for your commercial space does not have to dominate your worry list—instead, you can have reliable, skilled landscaping experts handle all the details.

A Look at Services Included in Commercial Landscaping in the Plainfield, IL, Area

Grounds Upkeep

Maintaining the grounds of the property can take up valuable time during the growing season. When you have a reputable commercial lawn and landscape company, they can do all the mowing, grass blowing, and shrubs trimming for the entire property.

An expert lawn mowing crew may recommend mowing in varied directions so that the grass grows evenly over time. When your lawn maintenance mows in the same direction each week, this can cause part of the grass to grow slower than other parts, making the appearance uneven.

When your lawn and landscape have been mowed but there are some grass clippings and leaves on the walkways and in the parking lots, this can mar the beauty. When you select a lawn care company that values the details, you can rest assured that your commercial landscaping spaces will look clean and well-kept.

Fall Leaf Removal

Removing the leaves from the grass and outdoor spaces can be a crucial way to protect the investment in your commercial landscape. Leaving debris on the ground when the winter weather arrives can allow mold and fungus to grow on the grass, leaving dead patches when the spring returns.

When the wet leaves are buried beneath the snow and ice, this can leave a mess to remove once the weather is pleasant again. Keeping the leaves and branches off the ground on a regular schedule in the fall can contribute to a stellar lawn that is ready to thrive in spring and summer.

Plant Bed Mulch

Plant bed mulch can be an easy thing to overlook but this cover for the shrubs and other plants in your landscape beds can be crucial to hold in the water on the hot summer days. Mulch can also protect the plant roots from heavy frost and snow in the winter.

Your commercial landscape company can ensure the mulch has an appropriate layer for each season. In addition, fresh mulch and clean landscape bed edges can add the lovely appearance you want in your commercial outdoor spaces.

Paver Cleaning

Heavy foot traffic can cause dirt to form a line down the paver walkways of your property. When it gathers in the corners and cracks of the walkways, the appearance can be reduced and uninviting. A landscape and lawn company can clean the hardscape spaces to remove the dirt and other stains that mar the look. You want your employees and guests to see a clean, fresh surface for entering and leaving the premises.

Paver Restoration

Only some landscape companies offer paver restoration. While quality pavers are made to last a long time, there can be the occasional issue that pops up, and it’s beneficial if you have a crew that looks out for any missing sections and crumbling, and can address any paver needs, such as sealing.

A skilled commercial landscape and maintenance company can keep an eye on these paver spaces for you to ensure they are as lovely and safe as the rest of the landscape design, letting the people who frequent your property know that every detail matters to you.


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