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5 Commercial Landscaping Ideas for a Relaxation or Gathering Spot for Employees in Naperville, IL

For a Naperville, IL, business, providing outdoor relaxation spaces for employees or customers can be a motivational addition to your commercial landscape and could make your property appear more inviting when people are seen enjoying the outdoor spaces. With a fresh design, your commercial landscaping can be much improved and more functional.

5 Commercial Landscaping Ideas for a Relaxation or Gathering Spot for Employees in Naperville, IL

Define the Entry with Planters

Oversize planters can define the entry to your commercial building and create a symmetrical appearance that makes your landscape plan feel clean and inviting. When landscape professionals install huge, white planters in a square shape, they can be planted with decorative trees that offer living contrast. This can signal to employees and visitors the location of the entry and invite them inside.

Introduce a Shade Spot

A covered area, such as a pavilion, can offer people a spot to relax and clear their minds during the workday. For dappled shade, a pergola of hefty wood posts and decorative beams could provide a spot that employees return to every day on their break hours.

Planning for outdoor shaded spaces can also offer a work outside spot on lovely days and be a place to hold informal meetings with employees. When your landscaper designs for tables, chairs, and comfortable outdoor couches, this area can be a relief from staring at computers all day.

These shaded spots can echo the oversize planters with trees to provide symmetry to your landscape design. When you plan for multiple shade spots, there can be ample space for anyone who wishes to work or relax outdoors for a bit.

Add a Water Feature

Water features might be one the most underrated landscape features. With the soothing sounds of spilling water and delightful sight of the water feature design, adding one or multiple water features to an outdoor area can immediately elevate your commercial property and how it is used.

Including a waterfall with a small pond with statement boulders at the entrance to your commercial space can also be an excellent spot for signage. Combining these two elements can set the tone for employees and customers that your business is welcoming.

Make It More Inviting with Grassy Spaces

Some companies are creating grassy spaces with defined edges for employees to enjoy the sight and feel of grass beneath their feet. Finding ways to refresh the mind and body during the workday can improve performance and output.

Increasingly, clients are drawn to commercial locations with exceptional landscape design and strategic grassy spaces. This can signal to them that the same care you invest in your landscape will be part of their business with you. This can be true for employees, as well. When you care about the landscape's appearance, you will likely also care about their workspaces and cultivate a culture of beauty.

Utilize Color to Promote Your Brand

When you are using planters to define outdoor spaces and separate one space from another, why not use them and the landscape to promote your welcoming brand? Does your logo embody a specific color? Your landscapers could potentially echo those tones in the floral planting selections.

You could choose planters in the color hue of your brand and add these tones to plant and flower choices. In this way, your landscaping team can be an invaluable resource for creating relaxation spaces for the people who spend time on your commercial property.


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