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Eye-catching Ideas to Spruce Up Your Front Yard Landscaping for Spring in Plainfield and Geneva, IL

As you plan a landscaping spruce-up for your Plainfield and Geneva, IL, property, you may want a design that will make your front yard, in particular, pop. These eye-catching ideas can transform your front yard into the space you have always wanted.

Eye-catching Ideas to Spruce Up Your Front Yard Landscaping for Spring in Plainfield and Geneva, IL

New Walkway

A new walkway can form the basis of a new front yard landscape design. Merging with your driveway, a front walkway is often one of the first spaces that guests use when they arrive. A gorgeous walkway could provide a quick first impression for how the rest of your home appears and the look and feel you want to convey to new visitors.

Your landscape professionals can help you choose the walkway paver that works well with your home’s aesthetic and style. These pavers can be arranged in an interesting laying pattern that subtly directs guests to the front door. The selection of walkway pavers allow for flexibility in the design, to create a stark border that instantly draws the eye toward this surface.

Privacy Retaining Wall

Many homes have unused space near the front door area, opening up the possibility of a custom-built courtyard. When you start with a retaining wall in wall stone that complements the walkway pavers, the whole space can appear seamless. The wall top could be a flat stone like granite or flagstone or capstone.

At the space where the retaining wall and walkway meet, your landscape professionals can add pillars with custom lanterns for lovely ambient light. A soft, warm glow can be exactly what you need to create a cozy, welcoming entry.

You could also choose a decorative concrete finial for the top of the retaining wall pillars. And the retaining wall can create the ideal space to add your favorite flowers in pots along the wall.

Add a Gate

When your landscaper adds a gate to the courtyard entry, this can make this aspect of your outdoor living space feel secure and private. Working with your landscapers to design the gate can let you experiment with different material options.

While wood trimmed to a custom shape could be a great choice, you may be able to use decorative wrought iron, copper, or another material to have the gate that suits your style and look. A custom gate could possibly be designed to look like rustic limbs joined together when it is really metal.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

You may find, as many homeowners do these days, that a refresh of your front yard leads you to decide that less is more when it comes to the lawn. Paver features introduce clean lines and crisp edges while reducing the need to be concerned with constant front-yard lawn care.

Strategic Softscape

The final touch to your front yard upgrade can be the “softscape”—the attractive shrubs and trees that draw the attention of passersby to your thoughtfully planted landscape beds. Your landscape professionals can add seasonal flowers for bright colors or a monochromatic look.

Ornamental trees introduce greenery and flowers in the spring, followed by full, leafy branches in the summer. The fall landscape additions can highlight the reds, golds, and oranges that characterize crisp weather and changing seasons.

Sprucing up your front yard can make your home stand out and look lovely during every part of the year.


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