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4 Reasons to Include a Retaining Wall Alongside a Paver Patio in the Naperville, IL, Area

While a new paver patio can be exactly what your Naperville, IL, area backyard needs right now, you may find that your landscape could also benefit from a gorgeous stone retaining wall. Here are some great reasons to include a retaining wall in the landscape design you are loving for your patio.

4 Reasons to Include a Retaining Wall Alongside a Paver Patio in the Naperville, IL, Area

Defines the Patio Space

A stone retaining wall that surrounds the perimeter of your paver patio can add definition to your outdoor living space. This can be especially true when you have other outdoor living spaces like an outdoor kitchen and fire feature in close proximity.

A retaining wall can have a clear entry/exit point to show your guests the path to follow from one area to the next. The retaining wall can have low pillars at the entrance for an inviting look that feels finished.

Adds Optional Seating

On a normal day, you might have plenty of seating in your outdoor spaces and the new paver patio can increase that number. However, what happens when you want to entertain a large group? The retaining wall can be the ideal height to add casual seating for more guests.

You don’t want your guests standing around trying to enjoy their beverages and food, yet having to balance everything precariously. The flat, durable stone top of the retaining wall can increase the seating capacity in your new patio.

Another design option to consider can be to have your landscape contractor build seating into the retaining wall. This can potentially be made of stone or treated wood attached with iron connectors for a secure seating space. Permanent seating on the patio can be a bonus because you will not have to worry about needing extra chairs when guests visit.

Offers Customization

A retaining wall can be different heights around the patio. Sometimes your home can be closer to one neighbor than others, and while you might like your neighbor, you would also like more privacy when needed. A landscape contractor can design the retaining wall to be taller on the side where you need some additional screening from view.

A lovely water feature could be included with the wall for a sensory element, which can make your paver patio even more inviting. You could add a trio of water spouts that spill water from high on the wall into a trough below. Extended on each side of the trough can be built-in planters with pretty blooming vines climbing a trellis for a symmetrical appearance.

Adds an Attractive Element

Contrasted with the natural beauty of the trees, shrubs, and grass, a stone retaining wall can introduce texture and depth to a patio design. As the sun sets and the light dims, the rough edges and deep crannies can become pronounced to produce a beauty all their own.

Another benefit of a retaining wall that encompasses your paver patio is the visual effect of adding a vertical element to a mostly horizontal area. Adding vertical details to your patio and outdoor spaces can vary the view and make it more appealing.

Retaining walls can serve so many functions in a well-planned landscape design that you might be surprised by how many applications they have!


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