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How Landscape Design Pros Pick the Right Features for a Patio in Sugar Grove and Oswego, IL

The patio could be the starting point of a compelling landscape design in Sugar Grove and Oswego, IL, but there are other considerations to ensure that the landscape becomes truly inviting and enjoyed often. Here are some ways that landscape design pros look at outdoor spaces to choose the perfect features to include in a patio.

How Landscape Design Pros Pick the Right Features for a Patio in Sugar Grove and Oswego, IL

Intended Use

One of the first things a professional landscape designer could do is to find out how you plan to use your patio space. Do you want to primarily entertain large groups? Is the goal to stay outdoors after the sun sets? Do your children need a play area nearby so you can relax while being able to oversee their play?

Understanding how you intend to use the outdoor space can help them decide which outdoor features will accomplish your goals. Because everything you choose to include in your patio design will ideally work together to create a gorgeous whole, thoughtful selections are critical.

Fire Features

Whether you want a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, including a fire feature in your landscape design and patio plan can bring warmth and charm like nothing else can.

When it’s custom designed, a fire pit has the advantage of fitting into most any patio and landscape space. Even a small patio can hold a fire pit to give warmth and soft lighting to your outdoor area. Your landscape professionals can make the fire pit recessed into the ground so that the fire seems to be rising up, or you can have an elevated fire pit for more of a focal point within the patio. Fire pits are versatile in size, shape, and materials, so you can work with your landscaper to plan the one that fits your preferred aesthetic.

An outdoor fireplace is another option. It could be majestic and become the main focal point – or be quieter visually and mainly serve the practical purpose of keeping you warm on those chilly nights. From contemporary to rustic, your main fire feature could be what makes your patio feel complete.

Shade Structures

A well-planned shade structure can offer relief from the hot summer sun and protect you from the rain, too. Including a shade structure in your patio can make this space more


A pergola over a section of the patio can bring filtered shade below. The natural wood pergola that sits on stone bases can blend your patio with the surrounding natural beauty and offer a place to relax out of the direct sun. By placing a couch or hanging bed beneath the pergola, you will have a place to enjoy some time outside without being too hot.

When you want full shade for a part of the patio, a gable roof offers that but with high ceilings that maintain the desirable airy, outdoor feel. One of the advantages of a full roof can be that you get complete blockage of the sun and protection from the weather. The roof provides space for ceiling fans to keep the area breezy when it is hot. Adding lighting here can also let you enjoy your covered space late into the night.


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