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4 Landscape Design Ideas to Consider for More Functional Landscaping in the Sugar Grove, IL Area

Having a functional Sugar Grove, IL Area landscape design can give you many hours of outdoor enjoyment and opportunities to entertain. Whether you want an expanded patio or an outdoor kitchen to cook for your guests, adding better ways to use your outdoor areas can improve the time you spend outside. Here are some landscape design ideas to consider for upping your outdoor game.

4 Landscape Design Ideas to Consider for More Functional Landscaping in the Sugar Grove, IL Area

A More Functional Patio

If your patio consists of a small concrete square directly outside of the backdoor, it might be time to see what a landscape professional can do to create an amazing paver space. Once they evaluate your available landscape space, a landscape company can get to work designing the outdoor area of your dreams.

Patios can be any size you prefer and also the perfect shape to complement your house aesthetic. From square to rectangular to circular, patios can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Another feature that can make the patio your favorite spot can be the eye-catching paver design.

Patio pavers are durable and versatile but most of all, they are gorgeous. You can enjoy a paver surface that doesn’t look like every other one in the neighborhood because they are completely customizable. From contrasting banding along the edges to a paver “rug” that visually designates a new functional space, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much a landscape professional can do with the laying patterns and paver combinations.

Multi-level Patios

You don’t have to worry if your terrain is uneven or sloped because they can design around those issues to add a multi-level patio to the landscape. When the levels are joined by deep stone steps, the whole space can feel seamless and dreamy.

On the main level, you can have outdoor seating groups, a weather-proof TV, and any other amenities you want. The lower patio can be ideal for an outdoor kitchen and dining space where you can barbeque and cook. Adding a dining area to this spot can give your guests a place to sit and enjoy the time outside together.

Outdoor Kitchen

You might also consider expanding the outdoor kitchen to include a full grill station with a smoker, an area for a pizza oven, and a coffee bar. Many homeowners are also adding a Blackstone griddle as part of outdoor kitchen design so they can make breakfast for visiting family or friends and whip up a stir-fry for dinner.

An Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

Connected by stepping stones, an outdoor fire pit or fireplace can be its own destination with a new landscape design. When you want to encourage guests to spread out around the backyard, this can be a compelling feature because most people love to be near a fire.

Fire features can be easy to use since you can choose between wood-burning and gas-fueled. You can opt for any size for a fire feature but be forewarned, the bigger the better since almost everyone loves to relax around a fire. Seats by the fire with your feet propped up are heavenly!

Later in the evening, when you bring out the skewers and marshmallows, you can ensure your friends and family enjoy a sweet ending to an amazing night.

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