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Transform Your Outdoor Space: Expert Landscaping Services in the Naperville and Plainfield, IL Areas

What happens when you want a fresh Naperville and Plainfield, IL areas landscape design but don’t know where to start? This is where the expertise of a reputable landscape company can be your best ally. Landscape companies that specialize in making outdoor spaces functional and beautiful can meet and exceed your expectations. See how these services can dramatically improve your outdoor living.

Transform Your Outdoor Space: Expert Landscaping Services in Illinois Areas

A Patio with Better Function

A patio is a crucial foundation for so much outdoor living that you need a space where you can grill burgers for the family and invite friends to hang out for appetizers and drinks. If your patio is still the concrete pad that was there when you moved in, this can be the perfect time to expand and improve this area of your backyard.

Not only are paver patios more durable and visually attractive than plain concrete but you don’t have to worry about stains or spills when they can be hosed away the next morning to reveal a clean surface. With the many paver selections, you can mix paver colors, shapes, and styles to end up with a surface that is unique to your space.

Retaining Walls

Adding a stone retaining wall to the patio can further improve this outdoor space. The height of the wall can be adjusted to ensure privacy from the gaze of close neighbors and the lower wall portions can be casual seating when you entertain.

Fire Features

A welcoming backyard space can be achieved with a warm and inviting fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Imagine a relaxing evening with your family where the kids are playing in the yard and you have just finished a great meal.

The adults can take their after-dinner drinks to the fire pit to visit and chat while the kids are having fun in the grass. Even the summer evenings can be wonderful by a gentle fire. Since fire features can burn wood or gas, you can choose the fuel source for your fire feature that allows you to use it anytime.

You can add a fire pit or fireplace to the main patio or it can be a few steps away in its own area. Either way, incorporating a fire feature can improve the ambiance of outdoor living by enticing guests out to the fire.

A Paver Walkway

A paver walkway can connect the front yard to the backyard for easy access to both outdoor areas. Most walkways are four feet wide to allow guests to walk side-by-side comfortably. This can be a good width for carrying items from the car to the patio in the backyard.

Landscape Design and Plantings

The finishing touches can be a curated landscape planting plan of perennial shrubs and trees that add bold green leaves and ornamental flowers. When they bloom in the spring and summer, the flowers can add a pleasing fragrance and colorful beauty to your outdoor spaces.

Since the plants return year after year, your landscape plantings combined with a lovely patio and fire feature can bring you joy for many years.

A fresh landscape plan can establish new ways to enjoy your backyard and with the help of an expert landscape company, you can choose the best features for your lifestyle.

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