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Pergola Options to Add Style to an Outdoor Living Space in the Plainfield and Oswego, IL Areas

When you are ready to upgrade a Plainfield and Oswego, IL Areas outdoor living space, look at the pergola options that can add style and shade. Not only does a pergola add a vertical element to the landscape aesthetic but it increases the visual interest of the space. Here are some pergola choices that can beautify your landscape.

Pergola Options to Add Style to an Outdoor Living Space in the Plainfield and Oswego, IL Areas

Add a Pergola to a Patio

If you think about it, almost every detail about a hardscape space like a patio is horizontal so adding a vertical element like a pergola can completely change the look. You might want the pergola to be connected to the roof of the house and come off of this area with two posts for support. This can be an excellent choice since the pergola can offer shade to the interior part of your house on sunny afternoons.

You can choose an all-wood pergola for the patio so it blends with the surrounding natural elements or you might like to have one that is painted the same color as your house’s exterior for a seamless appearance.

The closer together the top beams are placed, the more shade you have below, and the farther apart they sit the more sun comes through. You can choose the distance for the top beams according to your preference.

Add a Pergola to an Outdoor Kitchen

Depending on where your outdoor kitchen sits in the backyard, this pergola will likely be free-standing. When your home and landscape design trend toward a modern aesthetic, you can opt for steel posts and steel slats for the top. This design is in keeping with the overall look of your outdoor areas.

You might want to cover the entire outdoor kitchen with the pergola since it can get hot on a summer day when you are hosting a barbecue for your family and friends. With the pergola, you won’t feel that sun beating down on you and the structure can allow you to add ceiling fans for added coolness.

You can even choose to have a pergola cover the outdoor kitchen and dining area so you can have some shade as you enjoy a wonderful meal.

Add a Pergola to an Outdoor Fire Feature

While it might seem contradictory to add shade to a fire area, a pergola in this outdoor space can add the cozy factor you want. The covering can hold in the warmth for a nighttime fire while in the daytime, the pergola can block the direct sun as you relax there.

You could choose to add a retaining wall to the space and have the pergola sit on the top of the wall. The retaining wall can add additional seating for more guests around the fire and it makes your fire feature really stand out in the landscape design. Or, another option can be to have the pergola posts sit on stone pillars for a beautiful presentation. Either way, adding a pergola here can create a nice focal point in the backyard.

Pergolas are versatile and add vertical elements that can draw the eyes to a certain spot. They are ideal for creating some shade for specific areas and offer so many design options that no two have to look the same.

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