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Landscaping Tips for a Unique Property Shape or Slope in the Sugar Grove and Naperville, IL Areas

When your Sugar Grove and Naperville, IL Areas property has a unique shape or difficult slope that you don’t know how to improve the appearance, the solutions must often be innovative. Fortunately, a landscape specialist has several answers to this problem of merging the slope or unusual land pattern with the rest of the property to produce a cohesive whole.

Landscaping Tips for a Unique Property Shape or Slope in the Sugar Grove and Naperville, IL Areas

Retaining Walls for Slopes and Odd Land Grades

A solution that can work well in various situations can be a custom stone retaining wall. Since retaining wall heights, lengths, and materials can vary, they can be the ideal answer to a slope that causes run-off and erosion in your landscape.

A stone retaining wall can have built-in drainage that diverts the water to another better area for draining. This can eliminate water problems that stop you from using your outdoor spaces as you want for lovely living areas and perfectly curated landscaping.

Another benefit of a retaining wall can be the increased landscape space that can make your outdoor areas look so appealing in every season. This can be especially true if the slope is steep and you choose a tiered retaining wall design.

The tiers can provide several levels to plant in various ways so the wall design and the plantings work together for a unified look. With stone steps that provide a comfortable way to access each level of the wall, you can use these areas for a prolific vegetable garden, ornamental trees that provide colorful blooms, and ornamental grasses that add movement to your landscape.

A Long, Narrow Property

A long, narrow property doesn’t have to stop you from having a functional, pretty yard. The first part of a solution can be to decide on a focal point like a water spout on a stone wall at the property end where the wall design can draw your eyes and the water can delight your senses.

A landscape professional might recommend dividing this long area into zones for the most functional space. It could make sense to have an outdoor seating area directly outside the back door where you can go to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic week.

The next zone can be a deluxe grill station with ample countertops and a deep sink for you to grill fish, chicken, and beef along with vegetables for a healthy, delicious meal. If space permits, add an area for an outdoor table and chairs where you can dine al fresco for any meal.

Finally, perhaps a grassy area in front of the stone water wall with some benches to sit and enjoy this area can finish your narrow landscape design.

A Square Property

Sometimes a square space can benefit from having curved edges for the landscape beds to introduce a contrasting shape. Symmetrical plantings on each side of this area can create a uniform appearance.

A landscape professional could suggest placing a focal feature like a fire pit in the center space to anchor the area. Built-in seating that echoes the circular style of the fire pit can provide seating and visual interest.

You might even like the idea of a grid-style grass planting plan that continues the square shape within the yard.

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