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Rustic to Contemporary: Landscaping Ideas to Consider in Geneva and Glen Ellyn, IL

Emphasizing the beauty of a Geneva and Glen Ellyn, IL landscape design can happen in a number of ways that celebrate the natural appearance of the outdoor spaces. Selecting the right key elements for how you want your property to look can influence the final appearance. To get the most out of a landscape design, you can determine which look you prefer and use it as a template.

Rustic to Contemporary: Landscaping Ideas to Consider in Geneva and Glen Ellyn, IL

The Rustic Landscape Design

Using natural materials such as wood, stone, and water can add a rustic aesthetic to your new landscape design. It follows several principles that produce a clean landscape appearance with features that are not ornate or fussy but reflective of the earth.

The patio where you spend time and entertain friends can be composed of bluestone in an irregular pattern that fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. This natural state of bluestone with rough edges comes from the earth to give you a durable surface for your favorite activities.

Continuing the bluestone into the backyard with a walkway that connects the patio to the pool deck can make moving from one place to the other a delight.

Stone in Landscape Beds

Using landscape boulders in the planting beds can add visual weight and wow your guests as they meander through the yard. Pea gravel can replace traditional mulch to protect the shrubs and plants that billow out of the beds. For a sensory addition, you might want to incorporate a water fountain that recirculates the water for an effortless water feature.

If you need steps to scale an elevation in the yard, huge stacked stone steps can add rustic appeal and still be very functional.

Wood in the Landscape

Wood is another element that can show up in unexpected places. A wood pergola can cover the bluestone patio for a vertical element that marries the created spaces with the surrounding nature. A handmade wood and vine fence can encircle a vegetable or flower garden.

Finishing the design with native plants can perfectly merge the curated landscape plan with unplanned nature.

The Contemporary Landscape Design

Contemporary landscape plans often use geometric shapes and clean lines to give your outdoor areas a structured look. For example, square stepping stones can be set in a grid pattern where grass grows between to blend the natural with the created space.

Much of this type of landscape plan can focus on functional spaces that serve multiple purposes. A wide wood walkway from the patio to the pool can double as an informal dining spot for a large group you have invited for a late dinner. Concrete planters that span the length of a privacy wall can hold a row of ornamental trees and be wide enough to serve as casual seating.

The hard spaces like a pool deck, patio, and fire pit area can form the structure of the landscape while plantings add softness and ease the sharp edges. Water and fire can elevate the atmosphere when you have a party and when you just want to spend time unwinding.

Paying close attention to the textures of each element you select to be part of the new outdoor space can help all the materials work together for a simple but dazzling plan.

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