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Make Your Favorite Spaces Stand Out with These Outdoor Lighting Ideas in the Naperville, IL, Area

From the front yard to the backyard in the Naperville, IL, area, you probably have some areas that you especially like to admire during the day. Adding outdoor lighting to your landscape can illuminate those areas and extend your enjoyment of them.

Make Your Favorite Spaces Stand Out with These Outdoor Lighting Ideas in the Naperville, IL, Area

Front Yard Entry Lighting

When guests come to visit you, can they find your driveway entry easily, or do they have to squint and drive very slowly? Landscape lighting for the driveway entry can allow guests, delivery drivers, and others to see your property entry clearly while also making the overall look and feel of your landscape seem more appealing and inviting.

When a landscape professional adds landscape lighting to the front yard entry, this can be spotlights to shine on tree trunks to highlight the textural bark and rugged surface. Lights can shine up into the tree boughs to illuminate the green leaves and irregular limbs.

A landscape professional can also design and build a retaining wall of stacked stone to create a pleasing driveway entry. When the retaining wall is angled between the driveway and the street, this can be the perfect spot for large street numbers and a landscape bed filled with seasonal plants and flowers. With lighting to shine on the rock edges, the street numbers, and the lush, planted bed, there might not be a more inviting welcome than this one.

Front Walkway

Along the front walkway can be another place that can benefit from outdoor lighting. When the lights are positioned in the landscape beds that run adjacent to the walkway, the walkway surface and the plants can look so pretty in the dark night. Your guests can see clearly to access the front door, while the look of the outdoor space can put a smile on your face as you gaze out from the front door.

Front Door Entry

The entry to your home should have a “wow” factor, which a landscape lighting plan can make possible. With focal lights to shine on the front porch stone columns and lighting along the home’s foundation, this can create a warm, ambient look that welcomes your guests.

Along with the front door illumination, consider adding lighting to a stone wall on your home’s exterior or to the water fountain that spills gently in the front landscape bed.

Backyard Lighting

While the front yard lighting can be about achieving a welcoming appearance, the backyard lighting can focus on beauty and function. This is where you relax on the patio and the kids play in the yard.

A landscape professional may recommend illuminating the patio perimeter so that you can remain outside longer in the evening. Lighting the outdoor kitchen and dining area can also be a priority since sometimes you might plan a later dinner for the adults only.

Adding spotlights to the tree trunks can create interest, especially when they are positioned at different intervals. Gentle, wash lighting can shine on the fence to make a structure that normally isn’t a focal point stand out for a feeling of comfort in the darkened landscape.


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