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How Professional Landscaping Completely Transforms Your Home in the Hinsdale and Glen Ellyn, IL Area

When it is time for a new landscape design, turning to the pros to handle the design and installation details can yield a fresh, innovative look. Transforming a landscape can look like adding new functional outdoor living areas, attractive plantings, and appealing elements that elevate your landscape curb appeal. Here are some ways they can make your outdoor areas noteworthy.

How Professional Landscaping Completely Transforms Your Home in the Hinsdale and Glen Ellyn, IL Areas

Three-Phase Landscape Design

Creating the best and most attractive landscapes starts with a professional design that results in a unified outdoor area. Planning the placement of each outdoor element can make a comfortable area that serves your needs well.

Starting with the hard spaces like a patio, walkways, and retaining walls can form the structure of the design while pretty plantings soften the edges and add color and texture. Selecting complementary colors connecting the pavers to your home’s architecture and paint color scheme can unify the entire outdoor environment in an aesthetically pleasing respite.

The Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is a crucial part of planning the landscape design, spending time walking the property to assess each outdoor area for improvements. Discussing your vision and goals for using each space helps the designer replicate your ideas into a 3D format so you can see exactly how the finished landscape will look. While most landscape companies offer designs, the advantage of working with one that has 3D software saves you time and money since the project can be adjusted long before installation begins.

The Time for Design

As you peruse the three-dimensional design and other files that create a life-like model, seeing your ideas come to life is quite exciting. Once you choose the ideal landscape design, signing the contract will initiate the project which you can see come to fruition on your property right before your eyes.

Completing the Landscape Installation

While planning the landscape design can be a little daunting, ensuring your outdoor space looks and works the way you want can be the beginning of a thrilling new outdoor space. Their crew will work diligently to deliver your exact design and fulfill your vision of a custom landscape with functional features and creative plantings.

Functional Outdoor Features

A new patio can become the hub of your outdoor activities and the haven you seek at the end of a long day. Patio pavers can be customized to the style of your house, continuing and reflecting the color choices in the patio design. Options for central patterns, unique edging, and banding that designates a new functional space are among the ways to make this space show off your style. Adding a retaining wall can make the space more private and feel more cozy.

Attractive Plantings

Accent a retaining wall with trailing flowers and seasonal greenery to bring color and texture to the patio. Plants can soften the edges of the stone with your favorite petunias, geraniums, and ferns.

Around the patio can be the perfect space for blooming shrubs and interesting accent plants like striped monkey grass and small ornamental grasses. If space allows, adding a tree in an oversize planter to the patio creates visual interest and a vertical element that draws the eyes to the tree, particularly if it is a flowering variety.

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