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How Snow Removal Fits Into a Commercial Landscaping Plan in Plainfield and Geneva, IL

When the snow is about to hit, knowing that you have planned for snow removal in your Plainfield and Geneva, IL, commercial space is critical to staying open despite the weather. Here are the ways snow removal can fit into your landscaping plan when you have one company handle both services for your commercial property.

How Snow Removal Fits Into a Commercial Landscaping Plan in Plainfield and Geneva, IL

Helps You Plan Strategically

With the many responsibilities that you have, arranging snow plowing services when the snow starts falling would be a mistake if every company near you is booked. By planning for snow removal service as early as possible—or simply having your landscaping company take care of it—you can be assured that your commercial property will be properly cleared and you will not have to worry whether customers and employees can access your location.

You know that snow causes accidents, delays, and other issues that can affect your business. That is why planning ahead for efficient snow removal can reduce the possibility of slip and fall accidents—and keep your commercial property open.


Proper snow removal involves machinery of differing sizes to keep all the various spaces clear. Cutting-edge technology helps to ensure the snow is cleared from every area.

A commercial snow removal plan involves adjusting the machinery to your property size so that it doesn’t take an excessive amount of time to clear parking areas and potentially walkways.

You could inquire how often your snow removal service tends to inspect their snow machinery. You want a service that maintains the snow machines so that you don’t have to deal with breakdowns that could disrupt your business.

Range of Services

While parking safety is a priority in the winter season, you need snow and ice removal for the walkways, too. When your snow service applies ice melt before the ice and snow have a chance to accumulate, this step can help to keep the slick ice off the areas where people must walk.

You will want to know if your landscaping/snow removal company will clear away the snow from the walkways to minimize the risk of slips and falls. Shoveling and snow blowing can be effective ways to keep the walkways open.


Having a clear communication method can allow you to know when your snow removal company plans to arrive and how it will clear the property. Email and texting notifications can let you attend to other responsibilities without worrying about snow removal.

Since a reputable snow removal service should be following the weather constantly, they can anticipate the services you will need and be there to minimize your liability.


Unfortunately, during a long snow season, small damages can mount to large and costly repairs. Accidents do happen even in the best circumstances. Ensuring that the company you hire has proper insurance coverage for mishaps can take the financial liability risk off your company.

The point is: You do not wait to hire a snow removal service. When you conduct your due diligence to locate a reliable, responsive company, this can remove all worries about the potential for a snowy, harsh weather season.

Cleared entry roads, parking areas, and walkways mean that your employees and customers don’t have to worry about plodding through snow and ice to get inside. Your business will stay open and ready for the day.


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